• Supercell-400G


Model : 臥式五軸同動加工中心機

  • The linear axis adopts twin-screw and double-motor drive, and has dual motor simultaneous positioning patents, which makes the linear axis reach the feed speed of 50m / min without losing the positioning accuracy. 
    (Linear Axes positioning accuracy ±1μ /full length, repeatability ±0.5
  • Power-saving 4-stage gear shifting low-speed high-torque, high-speed, high-output, two-sided restraint spindle.
  • Highly shock-absorbing and high-rigidity hard-rail slide surface with thickened heat treatment layer.
  • Standard with screw center cooling system and IAC(Intelligent Advance Control).
  • Build up with TGA(True Geometric Accuracy), the mechanical perpendicularity and parallelism are achieved by the hand scraping of the main component contact surface, without NC device correction.

Machine specification



X-Axis travel(crossing movement of column)


Y-Axis travel(vertical movement of spindle head)


Z-Axis travel(longitudinal movement of table)


A/B-Axis travel(declining movement of table/rotating movement of table)

360°/-100° ~ 0°

X-Axis positioning speed

50000mm / min

Y-Axis positioning speed

50000mm / min

Z-Axis positioning speed

50000mm / min

A-Axis indexing speed

2400° / min (6.7min-1)

B-Axis indexing speed

 12000° / min (33.3min-1)

Table size


Spindle speed

                                  20 ~ 20000min-1                                  

Type of tool shank

NST No.40

         Time of tool changes(Tool to Tool / Min.Chip to Chip)         

2.1 / 5.0 sec

X、Y、Z-Axis positioning accuracy

±0.002mm /full stroke

X、Y、Z-Axis repeatability


Amount of table

20 [ 40 , 80 ]

Speed of change table

12 sec

P.S: The rates in [ ] are options.


The above specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer's modified model, and the specifications at the time of actual price quoted by the company shall prevail. For detailed specifications, please contact us.


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