• 5轴CNC高速自动小型滚齿机


Model : Hi-PRO 3N

  • The workpiece axis, the radial feed axis, the axial feed axis, the hob displacement axis, and the 5-axis NC of the tail axis are used. 
  • Therefore, it is not necessary to install all the hanging wheels, which realizes a simple setting method.

  • It can be used for drum cutting and taper cutting (special accessory specifications).

  • It can cut various gears such as spur gears, helical gears (below 45 degrees or less), and worm gears.

  • The control panel already has a cutting process program. Simply log the gear specifications and cutting condition data into the simple dialog box screen to operate. There is no need to program the cutting process.

  • The hob axis has a maximum number of revolutions of 6,000 rpm.

  • The synchronous rotation mode of the workpiece axis and the tail axis is adopted.

  • Small footprint and space saving.

Machine specifications


Maximum module

0.75 mn

Maximum diameter

30 mm

Possible amounts of teeth

3~999 Z

Rotating degree of head


Maximum spindle speed

6000 r/min

Machine area

1,330 x 1,422 mm

Net weight


Type of gear

spur gear

helical gear

worm wheel


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