About Sunchintex

About Sunchintex

Since 1983, Sunchintex has provided Japanese latest advances technologies and equipment to Taiwan market over the past 35 years. The high quality and high precision equipment that gives Taiwan industry a compatible quality of product at globe market. Recently, Sunchintex wants to take one step further in customer satisfaction. We set up a show room/technical center in 2017 and obtained a quality certification ISO 9001 in 2018 . In our show room/technical center we have KITAMURA Machinery Vertical Machining Center, KITAMURA Machinery Five-axis Simultaneous Machining Center, and MITUTOYO Five-Axis Coordinate Measurement Machine. Therefore, we are able to provide professional solutions for customer with machine operator training courses, mockup product and CMM calibrlation services.

Below is the Japaneses equipment type that we supply.

  • Working machine

Vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, five-axis simultaneous machining center, large boring and milling machine, gantry five-face machining machine, vertical lathe

CNC single-spindle double-spindle turning and milling machine, nano-grinding machine and polishing machine, V-Cut light guide plate processing machine

  • Die Casting Machine

Toshiba Machinery 135ton ~ 4000ton various aluminum die-casting machines and aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting machines and peripheral automation equipment

  • Optical and glass processing machine

Nano-level light guide Vcut grinding equipment, optical grade grinding and polishing equipment, ultra-precision super compound processing equipment

Glass processing machine (application for mobile phone protection glass processing), optical lens processing machine (lens CG forming, smoothing, Polishing)

  •  LED sapphire processing equipment

GaAs.Sapphire epitaxial thinning grinding machine

  • Solar and semiconductor processing equipment

Solar single crystal and polycrystalline twin rod open, round grinding, slicing machine, semiconductor outer diameter and OF surface grinding

  • Other special processing equipment and machinery processing machine peripheral parts import promotion

Spherical grinding and polishing machine (ball valve grinding and polishing applications), low-power laser welding equipment (<150W) and other special processing equipment

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FAX:+886 3 409-1979

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