• 超精密立式加工機


Model : UVM-450C(H)

  • Standard with the 60,000 rpm aerostatic bearing spindle with high speed and high rotation accuracy
  • The linear axis is driven by a linear motor with a minimum command unit of 10 nm.
  • A standard body oil cooling circulation system for long-term high-precision machining.
  • It can be matched with the optional workpiece rotary indexing table, throwing knife indexing table, etc., V cut, lens grinding and turning machining applications.
  • Optional ATC device for long-term continuous high-speed machining.
  • Optional APC unit for long-term automated processing.
  • It can realize difficult machining applications such as mirror milling (measured value up to Ra 4nm) and micro drilling (SUS310 Φ0.01×0.08 through hole).

Machine specificaions



X-Axis travel(crossing movement of column)  


Y-Axis travel(longitudinal movement of spindle head) 


Z-Axis travel(vertical movement of spindle head) 


X-Axis positioning speed 

15000mm / min

Y-Axis positioning speed 

15000mm / min

Z-Axis positioning speed 

10000mm / min

Table working size 


Maximum table loading weight 


  Spindle speed 

6,000 ~ 60,000min-1

                                   Tool change device(optional)                                    

                shank diameter Φ4mm、16 tools、Maximum tool length 55mm                

  X, Y, Z-Axis minimum setting unit   

0.01μm (0.0005μm)

      CNC device    

FANUC Series 30i-MODEL B

P.S: The rates in [ ] are options.

The above specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer's modified model, and the specifications at the time of actual price quoted by the company shall prevail. For detailed specifications, please contact us. 

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