• 快速換模系統
  • 快速換模系統


Model : HM-55 / HM-100

  • High repeat position accuracy (HM-55: 4° indexing of 2° or less in HM-55: HM-100: 4-degree indexing of 4° or less in 4 directions).
  • Three steps of embedding, fixing and locking to quickly change the position of the workpiece.
  • The base and the holder are combined on both sides, with high precision and high rigidity, which can be used for heavy machining and so on.
  • Free combination of various working machines such as lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, etc.





Holder fixed surface area

55mm × 55mm

100mm × 100mm

Holder size

55mm × 55mm × 35mm

100mm × 100mm × 40mm

Base size

70mm × 70mm × 45mm

120mm × 120mm × 50mm

Set size

70mm × 70mm × 60mm

120mm × 120mm × 70mm


Special stainless steel

Special stainless steel


90° 4-direction indexing under 0.002mm

90° 4-direction indexing under 0.002mm

The above specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer's modified model, and the specifications at the time of actual price quoted by the company shall prevail. For detailed specifications, please contact us. 

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