• 4軸CNC萬能小型滾齒機


Model : HOBLON 8-NC

  • A 4-axis NC is used for the workpiece axis, the radial feed axis, the axial feed axis, and the hob displacement axis. Therefore, it is 
  • not necessary to install all the hanging wheels, which realizes a simple setting method.

  • It can be used for drum cutting and taper cutting (special accessory specifications).

  • Various gears for cutting spur gears, helical gears, worms, etc.
    The control panel has a cutting procedure, and you can operate by simply inputting the gear specifications and cutting 
  • condition data to the simple dialog screen. There is no need to program the cutting process.

  • The 2nd cutting process is a standard accessory specification.

  • The hob axis has a maximum number of revolutions of 3,000 rpm.

  • Vertical gear hobbing machine, small footprint and space saving.

Machine specifications


Maximum work piece

2.0 mn

                                Maximum diameter                                   

 160 mm

Possible amounts of teeth

2~999 Z

Maximum degree of head


Maximum speed of spindle

 3000 r/min

Machine area

                                    1,020 x 1,460 mm                                  

Net weight


Gear can cutting

Spur gear
helical gear
worm wheel

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