• 光纖集成型半導體雷射熔接設備


  •       The minimum beam point is up to Φ0.25mm and the shortest action distance is 90mm.
  •       The output of a single laser unit is less than 150W and the wavelength is 808nm ~ 978nm.
  •       Can be used to weld between different materials.
  •       The shape of the welded joint can be changed to accurately control the welding range and heat.
  •       It can be air cooled or water cooled.
  •       All mechanical design such as equipment body, electronic control, laser optical head are all arranged.
  •      It is possible to do the whole-week welding at one time without rotating the workpiece, and it is possible to achieve uniform welding without the starting point.
  •      Simple construction and low maintenance costs.


Application design case

Multi Beam Laser Joining Machine [Patented]


The figure below is a reference for other fusion splicers.


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