• Mycube


Model : 七軸中心加工機

  • The project concentrates on achieving the ultimate highest performance machine.

  • The world's first seven-axis real dynamic processing machine.

  • The A-axis that tilts the axis of the workpiece rotation, the B-axis that rotates the table, and the latest type of clamping mechanism, and finally the W-axis with the spindle rotation C-axis and the spindle expansion,It is possible to achieve six-sided machining that cannot be achieved by 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Machine specifications



X-Axis travel


Y-Axis travel


Z-Axis travel


W-Axis travel


A-Axis travel


B-Axis travel


C-Axis travel

-10 ~ 100°

X-Axis positioning speed

50000mm / min

Y-Axis positioning speed

50000mm / min

Z-Axis positioning speed

50000mm / min

                                    A-Axis indexing speed                                     

2000° / min (5.6min-1)

C-Axis indexing speed

                           6000° / min (16.7min-1)                          

Spindle speed

20 ~ 20000min-1

Type of tool shank

NST No.40

P.S: The rates in [ ] are options.


The above specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer's modified model, and the specifications at the time of actual price quoted by the company shall prevail. For detailed specifications, please contact us.

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